SECTION Micro- and Nano-objects, Nanostructured and Highly Integrated Systems

Micro-and Mesoporous Carbon Inverse Opal Nanostructures

Novel Manifestations of the Aharonov-Bohm Effect in Quantum Rings and Möbius Rings

Shapeable Magnetoelectronics

Computer- assisted electron beam recording of patterns in AsS films

Birefringence and Excitonic Spectra of CdGaS4 Crystals

Crystalline Structure, Photoluminescence and Optical Absorption of Crystals

Deformation Under Nano/Microindentation of LiF, MgO, Si Monocrystals Stipulated as Support Materials for Cu/substrate Structures

Exciton–Polariton Parametric Oscillator Dynamics in the Semiconductor Microcavity

Superhydrophobic Polytetrafluoroethylene Coated Micro-fluidic Chip for Bio-applications Integrated With THz Spectroscopy Technology

Photoelectric Properties of Nanostuctured Layers

A Sensors Kit for a Versatile Reconfigurable Measuring Platform

An automatic equipment for nanoelectronic devices electrical characteristics measurement

The Device for Conversion and Displaying Ecological Information Using Sensors on the Base of ZnO Films

CuNi/Nb S-F Hybrid Heterostructures for Investigation of Induced Magnetization in Superconducting Layer

Detection in the Structures Based on a Semiconductor (Bi-Sb)/Superconductor (NbN) Contacts: Optimization for High Frequency Signal

Electronic Pressure Transducer with Digital Output

Generalized Bipolariton Model. Propagation of a Ultrashort Laser Pulse Through a Thin Semiconductor Film in the Conditions of Two-Photon Generation of Biexcitons

Luminescence of Single Crystals of Manganese-doped Zinc Indium Binary Sulfides

Mechanical influences to the resonance fluorescence of ions in the dressed standing waves

Optical Properties of TlGaS Crystals

Peculiarity of Superconducting and Galvanomagnetic Properties of Bicrystals of D Topological Insulator Bi1-x Sbx (0,07≤ x ≤ 0,)

Photoplastic and photoinduced effects in amorphous AsSe:Snx thin films

Porous vs. Magnetron RF Sputtering Of InP for Portable THz-TDS in Pharmaceutical and Medical Applications

PSpice Model of Hydrogen Nanosensors and Ultraviolet Photodetectors

Regime of Self-trapping in Bose–Einstein Condensate

Superconducting state in the twofold degenerate Anderson impurity model

Nano-structures Based on Superconducting Nb and Ferromagnetic CuNi Alloy for Elaboration of Spin-valve Core

CANopen Protocol for High Precision Ground Station Antenna Positioning

Two-dimensional Magnetoexciton-polariton in Semiconductor Microcavity

Birefringence in Anisotropic Crystals CuGa(Al)S and Based on Them Optical Filters

Electrical And Thermoelectric Properties Of Semiconducting Bi1-XSbx Nanowires

Reliability and Mechanism of Radiation Degradation of Microeletronic Devices

Dependence of the Galvanomagnetic Properties of Bismuth-Antimony Thin Films on Their Composition and Crystal Structure