SECTION Biomedical instrumentations and sensors

Self-Propelled Nanotools Drilling into Cells and Tissues

Application of Optical Methods for Diagnostics and Therapy of Dentine Caries

Microalgae as possible silver “nanofactories”

Active Bioresonance Therapy Device

Interaction of the Extremely High Frequency and Low Intensity of Electromagnetic Radiation with Living Objects

Dental Pulp Stem Cells for Regenerative

Diagnostics of Otitis Media With Effusion

Etio - pathogenic Aspects and Complex Conservative Treatment of Chronic Tonsillitis in Children

Stimulation of Seed Viability by Means of Dispersed Solution of Silver Nano-Particles

Mid-IR Fiber Laser for Medical Application

Nonlinear cooperative phenomena caused by Fröhlich phonons in biological objects

The Effects of Electrical Pulses on Structure of Cells of Plant Tissue.

Influences of Cognitive and Affective Components of Emotions on Heart Rate Variability and Respiratory Pattern in Condition of Evoked Psychoemotional States

Non-ionizing Radiation and Humans Health

Experimental Cell Therapy in Type I Diabetes

Development of Implants Anatomically Adapted to Patient Specific Anatomy

Electrostimulation of Trunk Muscles with S-Shaped Scoliosis

Fourier-Stokes Polarimetry Of Fields Scattered By Birefringence Biological Tissues

Optical Methods and Devices for Elimination of Carbon Monoxide Toxic Effect on Human Body

Simulation of Radiation Field Effects on a Maritime Ship upon an Electric Model of the Human Body

Simulation of Speckle Structure of Scattered Light inside Multi-Layered Skin

Spectral Control by Light Interaction with Soft Biological Tissues for Light-Therapy Purposes

Polarization Selection of Birefringence Polycrystalline Networks of Blood Plasma Layers

DNA Hybridization Detection Using Microwave

Laser Device for the Protection of Biological Objects from the Damaging Action of Ionizing Radiation

Evaluating the effectiveness of UV irradiation on the oral cavity in rats

Proteases/Antiproteases System in ALI/ARDS Caused by Polytrauma

Stimulation of Seeds Viability by Means of Disperse Solution of Copper Nano-Particles at Extremely Low Concentration

The Dynamics of the Vascular Wall Changes Evolution in the Lumbar Intervertebral Disc. Insights.

Device for Alternate Wireless Input and Helping People with Disabilities to Rehabilitate back to Normal Social Communication

The Influence of Certain Obstetric Factors on the Collection, Isolation and Quality of Cord Blood Units

Using millimeter Waves for Treating Cancer Diseases

Treatment of Marginal Parodontites with Ozonated Liquids Activated with Laser Radiation

Airflow and Volume Profiles Involve Some Respiratory Individual Peculiarities

Wireless communication system for temperature monitoring

Internet Based Virtual Laboratory in Bioengineering Field

Complex Device for Heart Activity Monitoring

The role of methods of radiation diagnosis in detecting vascular dementia.

An Outline of Molecular and Cellular Endocannabinoid Functioning in the Nervous System

Functional Electrical Stimulation

Device for Hypothermic Therapy

Cast Amorphous Magnetic Microwires for Medical Locator Applications

Real-time monitoring of accidental oil pollution in ground waters using an innovative transducer