Conference venue

The Conference will take place at the Labour Institute located at Street, 10, Zimbrului, Chisinau, Moldova. This building is located in the park area between two city districts: Rishkanovka and City Chekani. In the same building is located Doina hotel, that is very convenient.

Organizing committee will provide transport from your hotel to Conference venue.
How to get to the Labour Institute (Institutul Muncii) - 10 Zimbrului str.:

  • From airport - by taxi, the cost is about 100 Lei (the cars of taxi companies are marked by 5-digit phone numbers as 14xxx, e.g. 14222, 14999, 14448 etc.)
  • From Railway Station - by taxi, the cost is 35-40 Lei
  • From the Centre of the city
    • by taxi (30-35 lei),
    • by 175 minibus - final station (green line in image below)

    • by trolleybuses 16, 21, 23, 24 or bus no. 5 - direction “Ciocana”, till the station “Hospital no. 3”, or trolleybuses 11, 10, 24 - direction “Riscani”, till the station “Music School”. The tickets are paid inside transport, in trolleybus - 2 Lei, in bus - 3 Lei.